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A Message from Mrs Barnes for

children and parents


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Letter from Mrs Barnes

The government will ‘review the latest science’ on Thursday 28th May. This means the final decision on further opening will be made on 28th May. If the evidence does not support further reopening, it will be delayed. School will continue to be open to key worker children as it is currently.

We have been working very hard in preparation for opening and I thank you for responding to our questionnaires so promptly.  After collating the responses, it is evident that, in order for us to adhere to the strict guidelines on social distancing, we will currently only be able to offer provision for Reception, Year 1, children of key workers and vulnerable children as advised by the Government. Unfortunately, due to lack of capacity and the large number of children that will be attending school from the above groups, we will be unable to additionally accommodate Year 2, 3 and 4 children at this time. We will, however, endeavour to try and ensure that all year groups are back in school at some point before the end of the school year to try to ensure a smoother transition for them.

There has been a huge amount of media coverage and debate about this, which of course has raised many questions for both Education professionals and parents/carers. I have had a considerable amount of calls and emails from parents and carers, asking for details and plans specific to St Andrew’s.

The advice to schools sets out that each setting will complete risk assessments, which I have done and consulted with the governors and my senior leadership team and staff. If you would like to see a copy of the risk assessment, it is posted in the section below..

All schools in the Bromsgrove District will follow this guidance in order to do what is safe and reasonable. It is likely that schools will have different approaches in accordance with individual school circumstances, such as staffing, building and classroom size, numbers of entrances and the number of pupils. The schools in this area have worked together to consider various possible approaches and made decisions based on their local circumstances.

If the government announces, during the school holiday, that schools are to open in the first week of June as is currently hoped, we will be open on Monday 1st June.


Risk Assessments

Please note than risk assessments are in 2 parts: the initial identification of the level of risk (in colour in middle of page, many of these are in red for High risk if nothing was done) and then after the precautions identified have been implemented the final risk level assessment (in colour at the right hand side of page).

Risk Assessment - Pupils Risk Assessment - Staff, subcontractors, visitors

 What will the day look like?

We will stagger drop off and collection times to avoid congestion on the school site. We will of course apply common sense to accommodating family groups. Pupils will be organised into small groups (bubbles) of 15 or less and will be organised to spend all day with the same pupils to avoid unnecessary contact. Initially, I am allowing 10/15 mins for drop off and collection for each bubble, my assumption is that this will speed up and we will then make the times earlier or later (see section below about times).

Bubbles will each have a designated class base, it may be different to their normal classroom. Each bubble will have their own entrance, exit and toilet space to use. Where some bubbles are having to share, these will be staggered or, for example, each cubicle within the girls’ toilets will be dedicated to a particular bubble.

The playground / outside space will be zoned so that children will be able to play with their bubble in a designated area. Children will not be allowed to play with other children outside of their own bubble. While we understand this may be upsetting for some children and difficult for them to understand, unfortunately this is essential in order to minimise the number of people your child has contact with.

Equipment / resources will be cleaned regularly and, where possible, children will have their own. Resources that are difficult to clean have been removed and will not be used.

Drop off and Pick Up Timings


Drop off time

Collection time

Bubble 1 (Reception children)



Bubble 2 (Reception children)



Bubble 3 (Reception children)



Bubble 4 (Year 1 A/P)



Bubble 5 (Year 1 S/W)



Bubble 6 (Year 1 F/G)



Bubble 7 (Critical workers)



Bubble 8 (Critical workers)



Bubble 9 (Critical workers)



How will drop off and pick up work?

Our plans for this are focused on observing social distancing, avoiding congestion and keeping a flow of pupils and parents on the site. Chats at the door with teachers/TAs will not be possible in the same way, so parents/ carers will be encouraged to keep messages clear and concise and communicate to a designated adult on site. All children will be grouped into a bubble.

We will be asking parents to queue in 2m intervals from the main entrance along the path to the top of the side entrance, where a designated member of staff will be there to greet you. Children will then walk to the playground on their own and parents will be asked to leave through the car park exit.  At collection, the parents will be asked to queue at the same place and the class teacher will bring the children up and dismiss each child as their parent/career comes to the front of the queue. Please try and adhere to the time frames to avoid congestion and build-up of adults. These times will be reviewed as I anticipate we will speed up!

Will children be with their friends?

Not necessarily. Teachers will organise groups to consider friendships, however this will not be guaranteed and there will be little flexibility once we are up and running.  Year 1 are very fortunate as they are already in bubbles of 15 so will remain in their class with their teachers.

How will I contact the school during the day?

If you need to contact the school, please email or call the school at any time during the school day. There will be somebody in the office in the morning but please try to avoid visiting the office unless absolutely necessary. If you do need to go to the office, please ensure that only one person is in the lobby at one time. The office staff will not be having contact with the children, so please ensure that your child brings everything they need to school in the morning in order to minimise the handling of your child’s belongings by members of staff not allocated to your child’s bubble.

What will critical worker children be learning from 1st June?

Critical worker children will be educated on site using the home learning resources available to all families. They will be separated into Bubbles of 15 children maximum.

What will Reception and Year one children be learning from the 1st June?

There will be a structure to the day and the learning. Initially, settling the children and setting out our expectations for routines and procedures will be the priority. Our main consideration will be our pupils’ wellbeing. We will make an assessment of where pupils are in their learning and make necessary adjustments to their curriculum over the coming weeks.

Will home learning still be sent home?

Home learning packs will continue to be sent to all year groups and will be available on the website. They will be updated weekly as school is still closed for some year groups and some pupils are not returning to school because they are classified as vulnerable or are shielding a family member.

Will the children be wearing school uniform?

The children will be expected to wear uniform, but we understand that shops are not open, therefore if they have grown out of their uniform we would appreciate them wearing something as similar as possible

Will lunch be provided?

Baileys catering will offer a packed lunch that you will need to order online; menus are available from this week. There will be a choice of 3 different sandwiches, white or brown bread, crudities, fruit, biscuit and a carton of drink. They will deliver to site but not serve.  Alternatively, you can provide your child’s own packed lunch. Lunches will be eaten in their class room. Please ensure that you provide your child with a lunch as we do not have the facilities on site to provide lunch if you have forgotten.

Will snack and drinks be provided?

Fruit will not be provided by school so children should bring in their own healthy snack of fruit for break time. Please make sure that all children are sent into school with a water bottle.

What equipment does my child need to bring into school?

Children will be asked to bring in their PE kit and leave it in school until the end of term. Book bags daily with water bottle and packed lunch. Pencil cases for KS2. We do not want children bringing in extra bags so weather permitting they will not be needing any forest school clothing or waterproofs/wellies. When the weather is warm, please ensure that you send your child in with a sunhat and make sure they have applied sun cream before coming to school. Children will be encouraged to wash their hands and if your child’s hand are being affected by soreness then please feel free to bring in hand cream for them to apply themselves. We will not be able to continue with the bikes and scooters in school for the summer term, but you may bring it and leave it in the bike rack at the front of school.

What will you do if children are scared of PPE while administering first aid?

We already use basic PPE whilst administering first aid, such as gloves and sometimes aprons, so this will be no different. Masks will be used at the discretion of staff, when they are in very close contact with children. This could involve first aid or help with toileting or eating. We feel that parents/carers have a big part to play in preparing their children for seeing adults wearing masks. Masks are evident in the community and will very quickly become part of our school routine for pupils. Staff will be given the option to wear a mask at any time they are in school, so it may be that children see staff in masks frequently.

My child is quite clingy at the moment and is always very tactile anyway, so how will this work with social distancing?

The government guidance clearly states that early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff.  So our aim is to minimise the adults they come into contact with, each adult will also be designated to certain bubbles to reduce the amount of adult contact.  Therefore, we will of course care for and comfort pupils if they need this.