St Andrew's CE First School

School Uniform

With School Crest (Required)

Dark green sweatshirt with crest

Dark green cardigan with crest

Yellow polo shirt with crest

PE Top 

With School Crest (Optional)

Fleece jacket with crest (optional)

Book bags with crest(optional)

PE bag with crest (optional)

New items are available from

‘Branded4u’ Barnt Green and ‘School Days’ Bromsgrove 

Second Hand items are available from the Sustainable Rail in the school foyer or are sold or given away free (or can be requested) on the Facebook Page: Barnt Green Buy and Sell


Grey trousers

Grey Shorts

Grey Skorts

Grey skirts

Grey pinafore dress

Green and white checked summer dress

Socks - white or grey 

Tights - grey or green

Black pumps

Black PE Shorts 

Book bag (big enough to fit A4 items)

PE Bag

Sun hat

Hairclips, bands etc (Politely request these are school green if possible)

Art and craft apron (or old shirt) to be kept in school

Trainers for games would also be useful

For Forest School sessions:

Wellingtons to be kept in school

Waterproof jacket  to be kept in school 

Waterproof trousers to be kept in school