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Physical Education at St Andrew's CE First School

St Andrew's Mission Statement is, 'We believe in promoting a positive, caring environment based on a Christian ethos from which each child will reach his/her potential.'

We feel that Physical Education and School Sport plays an important role in helping us fulfill this statement. We have worked hard to develop our Physical Education through curriculum time and extra-curricular activities. 

Our PE Curriculum

A wide range of PE is delivered to pupils, which aims to engage and inspire all children.

Sports taught are wide and varied, both during the school day, and as extra-curricular clubs. We offer twice weekly before school multi skills clubs for children in Years 1-4. After school clubs include football, cheerleading, athletics and mini squash. These vary each year depending on children's interests and resources available. Each year a School Development Plan questionnaire is sent home to parents. Many of the replies comment on the excellent range of activities available to St Andrew's pupils. 

Each morning all staff and children join in with a 'Wake and Shake' dance routine designed to encourage active bodies and active minds. Parents are invited to join us each Monday and Friday and on other selected dates throughout the term. 

In Year 4 children are encouraged to become 'Members of the School Sports Crew.' These children enthusiastically lead purposeful play opportunities for the younger children on the playground. They enjoy dancing, parachute games and ball skills. We are regularly joined by students from Worcester University to assist the Sports Crew for one or two lunchtimes each week. Their role is to assist them in enabling full participation and introducing new activities. Teaching Assistants have also had opportunities to attend 'Purposeful Play' training at local schools. 

The Government's 'Sports Premium' money is an exciting development which will assist us in offering further opportunities. Each year we book specialist gymnastics coaches, dance teachers and cricket coaches to enable us to deliver a wide range of opportunities across each year group throughout the year. This money also helps us to fund cover for the PE coordinator to observe and support colleagues as well as sourcing Professional Development opportunities for non-specialist staff. Our school website will continue to have updated information on the implementation of the Sports Premium funds. 

Children in Years 1-4 attend 12 swimming sessions during each year. We have access to facilities at a local independent school and specialist swimming instructors. Feedback from parents regarding children's progress is good. 

Children with Special Educational Needs are fully included in all aspects of PE. Support assistants are used where necessary. Children attend local 'Inclusive Sports Festivals.'

Partnership Work 

Our school is part of the Local School Sport Partnership. Meetings for members are held twice a term at South Bromsgrove High School. This ensures that all local schools are up to date with subject development and resources available. Schools are linked to specialist support to help them with specific requests and needs. During the meetings cluster schools also make arrangements for festivals (e.g. Tag Rugby) and activity days (e.g Orienteering). We then ensure during the academic year children from across each year group will attend an event at a local school. This is particularly helpful in the transition process for Year 4 children ready to move to Middle School. 

At St Andrews we are particularly proud of our dancing skills. We often attend local dance festivals which are a great showcase of our talent and variety. Each summer term we practice Maypole Dancing and Country Dancing. Our youngest children enjoy showing their parents their newly acquired skills during an afternoon celebration event at the end of term. 

We regularly use the school newsletter to inform parents of sporting events and achievements. Children are encouraged to bring in certificates and medals for our Celebration Assembly each week. This gives our sporting stars chance to show off their achievements. 

We often make links with local sports and community groups. This provides links for our families to participate in activities away from school. Many of our children attend the local tennis, cricket and karate clubs. 


Pupil at St Andrew's CE First School are able to develop confidence and express their feelings in PE as it is a subject in which success does not depend on academic ability. The range of strategies, resources and tasks employed within the context of each PE lesson will ensure the needs of each individual child are being met.