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We will reach our full potential with the help of God

Class 2

We are a Class of Reception children and our teacher is Miss Scott-Walker.


This term: 


We have settled into Reception really well and have made lots of new friends. We enjoy helping each other around the classroom and each week we are given different jobs to carry out with our friends. We enjoy working together to go and collect our milk and fruit each day for snack time. 

When we want some quiet time we can go and sit in the circus tent in the reading area. Sometimes we like sharing books with our friends and the teddy bears also love to listen to the stories we are reading. 

We learnt about the festival of Diwali and got busy learning about how Diwali is celebrated. We followed instructions carefully to make some Diva Lamps and used our cutting skills and different materials to make rangoli patterns. We used our phonics skills to write labels for all the things we made and at the end of our learning we had a think about all the new things we had found out. Look at all of our wonderful work! 

After half term we went to the Lickey Hills.  On our way through the woods we collected special treasures that we found and used these the following day to make pictures. We found a big pile of leaves on our walk through the woods which we enjoyed hiding in.

We made it all the way to the park at the top even though our legs were very tired! As it was such a lovely day we had our lunch outside and had a little play in the park before our long walk back to school. Well done Class 2 for walking all that way!

On Wednesday afternoons Ryan visits us and we get to play the drums. We make lots of noise and are getting very good at following rhythms. 

Recently, we have been learning about different animals ready for our Reception trip to Dudley Zoo. We read the story 'The Great Pet Sale' and worked together to choose suitable colours and collage the animals from the story. We are getting very good at our writing and we all had a go at writing labels or short sentences about the animals. We also made price tags for the animals and made sure our numbers were written the correct way round. Can you see all our wonderful pictures and writing? Aren't we clever!

We really enjoy playing in our role play area. We love helping Miss Scott-Walker think of what we can have in there next and as our topic is Animals we decided we would like a Vets Surgery. The receptionist works very hard taking all the customer calls and the Vets are very caring and do everything they can to make the  animals better!